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Start earning from Price Compare

Monetize – Make profit!
Import affiliates from world largest services like Amazono and use the site to stand out, be fast, reliable & visible. Finally, earn from it.

1. Monetize It
– Make profit!
Use the site to stand out, be fast, reliable & visible. Finally, earn from it.
2. Responsive
– Be reachable from every device!
Whatever devices your visitiors are using they will not have any problems fully enjoying website content in all its glory.
3. Fast & Reliable
– Bullet-proof & lightening fast!
Two things that you and your customers can always rely upon. Compare is fast and safe enjoyable ride for everyone.
4. Premium Design
– Stand out from crowd!
Nothing can make you more prouder and attract more customers than beautifuly crafted premium design.
5. Shortcodes
– Edit content!
The theme’s ease of use has become even more easier with smart integration of various shortcodes. Content editing
comes down to selecting the one you wish to use and that’s it!
6. Mega Menus
– Navigate at ease!
There’s no better way of displaying category navigation than mega menu. You can chose it’s size, columns and
the categories you wish to display.
7. Keyword Search
– Search at will!
Bothered by constant clicking and scrolling in searching for the right product? Just enter the keyword in the
main search bar and in seconds you’ll be right on desired product.
8. Slider
– One slider for one category!
You can create as many unique sliders as you wish and connect every one of them with different category.
9. Registering Stores
– From back-end!
Back-end store registration, manipulation & analytics are at your service. Create new stores, edit old ones and
track how each of them is performing.
10. Front-End Store Registration
– From front-end!
Simple to use form with fully explained working system will allow your partners to
connect, grow & monetize along with your business.
11. Price Packages
– Unlimited price packages!
Make it easier for your customers and create as many custom price packages as you want.
12. Payments
– Pay from anywhere!
Cover the world with fully integrated payment systems.
PayPal, Skrill, Stripe, iDeal & Bank Transfer
13. Import Affiliates
– Keep the partners!
Easy to import affiliates and profit from click throughs.
14. SEO Optimized with YOAST
– Be visible!
Take advantage of google indexing with advanced SEO optimization and YOAST wp plugin.
15. Translate Ready
– Ready for translation with .po & .mo files. Localize your site by making it multilingual
16. Social Networking
– Promote your site using fully integrated social networking system.
17. Mailchimp
– Don’t wait for your customers!
Create site promotions, newsletters and reach to your customers using integrated Mailchimp plugin.
18. 600 Google Fonts
– Make your site more personal by chosing one of more than 600 available google fonts.
19. Extensive Help Docs
– Extensive documentation is at your disposal for any question or dilemma you might have.
Everything, from setting up to fully running your site has been covered.
20. One Click Demo
– You like how we made it look?
You are just one click away from making it look exactly the same as our demo.
21. Dedicated Support
– Have any questions and enquiries?
Reach us on our dedicated support forum and our team will help you with that.
22. Unlimited Home Pages
– Want something different? something more personalized?
You can create unlimited home pages. Make it look exactly how you imagine!
23. PSD Included
– Everything comes from great design!
PSD premium design of compare theme is included.
24. Child Theme
– Preserve your changes.
Child theme is included and you should have no worries will something be overridden after version upgrade.
25. Click Stats
– How my site performs?
Don’t be in the dark, use them to your advantage and track every click for every product.
26. Bootstrap & SASS
– Built by use of Booststrap & SASS modern technologies

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